Bible Studies

Hebrews Bible Studies

7 Bible Studies on Hebrews

Discipleship Bible Studies

Four Bible Studies on strategies of discipleship:

Up: – love Jesus

In: -Love one another

Out: – Love the world

Greatest Prayers Ever Prayed

Here are six Bible Studies looking at some of the greatest prayers ever prayed.

Hosea – The Love Story

It’s a story about God’s vow and His church, the bride. A bride of value and beauty, who is prone to wander in rebellion, but always in the thoughts and affection of God’s redeeming love.  In Hosea we encounter a love like no other. God’s love never gives up and never gives in. Boundless and ever-present He pursues His people at all costs to capture our hearts and call us home.

Mission – Everyday people on mission!

Over the next few weeks we are seeking to go on a journey together as a community of faith to discover how we can become more effective as God’s people – to be His salt and light – bearers of good news in this world. God has created you in such a way and placed you where you live to reach people that only you can reach. We want to release and empower you for that mission. It will be epic!

Moved by God

TCBC is on the move, it is time for us to engage in some serious cross carrying for the good of our neighbourhood and for the glory of God. The hope of this study series is that more people will catch the excitement that is already building in this place. We are praying that in and through this series we as a community of faith will begin to put flesh on the there that God has in store for us.

Romans: Grace to You

The book of Romans is literally all about the gospel of grace. It is designed to help you understand the gospel, experience the gospel and live in light of the gospel. Like many of Paul’s letters the first half of the book is mostly theology and theological reflection. Paul answers the questions what is the gospel? Who needs the gospel? How does the gospel work? The next half of the book is more practical and is dedicated to exploring what changes happen in peoples lives when they truly understand the gospel of grace.

This is Jesus

This 4 week course is designed to cut through some of the fallacies and misconceptions and introduce you to the ‘real Jesus’. The Jewish Jesus, who grew up in a backwater town called Nazareth. The Jesus whom tax collectors and prostitutes loved, and religious leaders hated. The Jesus who amazed, captivated, puzzled and offended the people who met him. The Jesus who countless people have loved,adored and worshiped throughout the centuries. The Jesus of Martin Luther King Jnr, Desmond Tutu and Bono. The Jesus we meet in the scriptures. My friends – THIS IS JESUS!

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