John 1:1-18

6 February 2022

I Will Provide for You

1 December 2019
Jesus in the passage speaks to us about the futility of worry and turns our attention to right thinking and right priorities — Seeking first him and his kingdom.

I Will Remain with You

24 November 2019
One of Jesus’ greatest promises to us is that he will be with us until the very "end of the age”. The real question isn’t "Will Jesus be with us?"…

I Will Entrust You

17 November 2019
What is success? Many of us spend our lives desperately trying to achieve it, in our career, at school, in our families, relationships and even in ministry. We are constantly…

I Will Give You Rest

10 November 2019
In this passage, Jesus speaks of the terrible weight and burden we all have and the wonderful rest we can find in him.

Living Water

27 October 2019
Jesus made many promises to His people. He promised to provide for the needy, to fill the empty, to free the anxious, to uplift the weary, to comfort the discouraged,…

Victory in the Battle

13 October 2019
God brings victory when we recognise who he truly is and give him the praise he deserves. King Jehoshaphat found victory in the battle through a right relationship with God.…

Wedding at Cana

6 October 2019
God consistently works “in His way, in His time, and for His purpose and glory” and as He does so, He invites us into partnership with Him. But we’re not…
Paul challenges us to love Jesus and love his gospel. Doing this means choosing to behold, proclaim, preserve, embody, and pass on the gospel. We also choose to adore and…

Generosity and Giving

22 September 2019
In this passage Jesus encourages his disciples (us) to consider how we might use our wealth for eternal purposes. Investing our money into people, seeking to see their lives transformed…

Generous Hospitality

15 September 2019
The Bible commands us to 'practice hospitality', but what does biblical hospitality look like? Through Jesus, all people get a seat at God’s table. When we grasp the generosity of…
Is your life driven by the pursuit of knowledge and pleasure? The author of Ecclesiastes tried this and found it meaningless. It may be confronting, but the good news is…

Love in All Directions

25 August 2019
Love in all directions. How a Jesus focused, spirit filled community is meant to be a spiritual family to one another