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Come Celebrate – Mark 2
25 February 2024

Come Celebrate – Mark 2

Passage: Mark 2:18-28
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The Christian life is a dance between fasting and feasting — and we’ll explore that more, as we look at Jesus’ incredible teaching in Mark 2:18-28.
What’s the point of fasting?
The 40 days before Easter are the most significant time of fasting in the Christian calendar. That’s the season we call “Lent”. But fasting is a concept that goes beyond Lent.

What is fasting? Why do we fast?
Fasting is healthy self-denial. The Hebrew phrase most associated with fasting means “to humble your soul or appetite” (see Leviticus 16:29).
The problem is that our appetites continue to increase — not just for food, but for many other things. We constantly want more and more. Have you noticed that you really want a new car or phone or piece of clothing, thinking that you’ll be happy when you get it — only to realise a short while later that you’re still not satisfied?
Fasting is one way to fight against this constant lack of satisfaction. When we intentionally limit our pleasures, and say “no” to our desires, we keep them in check. We pull our appetites back into line.
The result? We find ourselves more satisfied, fulfilled and joyful.