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10 March 2024

Come, Dogs and Children – Mark 7

Passage: Mark 7: 24-30
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Who was the first person to call Jesus “Lord” in Mark’s gospel?
Surprisingly, it wasn’t one of Jesus’ disciples who were following him around. It wasn’t even one of “Abraham’s children” from Jesus’ own people. No, it was an unnamed, desperate gentile woman. Someone known as an “unclean dog”.
This Sunday we’re going to look at Mark 7:24-30 and meet this woman. In her we see a beautiful example of persistent faith as she has a bit of a wrestle with Jesus. We also see the heart of Jesus to bring the outsider in and extend blessing to all the nations!
Jesus’ invitation in this passage is come, both “dogs” and “children”. The blessings of his kingdom are for both gentile outsiders and Jews. All are welcome to join the disciple family of the Messiah. What good news!