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Low Tech Lent


Lent is a traditional Christian season of fasting in the lead-up to Easter. The 40 days of Lent begin on Ash Wednesday (14 February 2024) and go right up until Easter (31 March 2024). The purpose of Lent is to focus on our relationship with God. Fasting helps us do this by limiting our distractions and humbling our appetites.
This year, we’ve decided to take the season of Lent together as a chance to fast from technology. Technology has gradually become all-pervasive and many of us, and our children, experience a daily addiction to our screens. This has led many people to realise their need for a “digital detox”. A digital detox enables us to intentionally reduce our reliance on screens for a season, so that we can experience more fully the life that God intends for us.
To help you experience a digital detox during Lent, we’re running Low-Tech Lent. We’ll provide you with a new idea each day to help you change your habits one day at a time. Feel free to follow these ideas religiously or feel free to choose your own adventure. We just want to provide you with great ideas to help you unplug from your screen and plug into the goodness of God.


Download a copy here: Low Tech Lent

Thanks for journeying with us through Low Tech Lent. Whether you joined us for 1 day or all 40, we hope it helped you.

Low-Tech Lent was a new thing for our church, and we’d love your feedback on the experience. We want to grow in how to do this kind of thing – so any feedback will be helpful, whether you come to TCBC or not.

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