4PM & 6PM

Hey Church,

Super exciting news! Sunday the 18th of October TCBC is meeting in person for 3 church services (9:30am, 4pm & 6pm)! We want to encourage all members of our TCBC family to come back together into a space of face to face community.

9:30am, 4 pm & 6pm CHURCH SERVICE

TCBC is meeting in person for 3 live services every Sunday. Due to restrictions, we will have limited numbers for this service, so there will be a simple registration system.
We would love to see as many of you as possible, so, If you and your family would like to attend (yes, there will be a kids and youth program at the 4pm service),

Registrations will be open every Monday at 10:00am for the following Sunday’s service.
Please find rego link on our FB page.

As a pastoral team we are excited to start meeting together face to face, but also want to ensure all who attend our gathering are kept safe. At all gatherings we will follow Government COVID Safe Guidelines and social distancing requirements.

Bless ya,
The Pastoral Team