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19 January 2020


12 January 2020

This talk introduces our series called Habits of Grace, exploring spiritual disciplines that enable disciples of Jesus to flourish. This week we look at the habit of reading scripture.

Spiritual Discipline

5 January 2020

Graham Hill

29 December 2019


25 December 2019

Christmas Eve

24 December 2019


22 December 2019

The Logos

22 December 2019

I will transform you

15 December 2019

I am the good shepherd

8 December 2019

I will lead you

8 December 2019

I Will Provide for You

1 December 2019
Jesus in the passage speaks to us about the futility of worry and turns our attention to right thinking and right priorities — Seeking first him and his kingdom.

I Will Remain with You

24 November 2019
One of Jesus’ greatest promises to us is that he will be with us until the very "end of the age”. The real question isn’t "Will Jesus be with us?"…

I Will Entrust You

17 November 2019
What is success? Many of us spend our lives desperately trying to achieve it, in our career, at school, in our families, relationships and even in ministry. We are constantly…

I Will Give You Rest

10 November 2019
In this passage, Jesus speaks of the terrible weight and burden we all have and the wonderful rest we can find in him.

I Will Reward

3 November 2019
Do you crave the approval of others? Do you live in bondage to what other people think of you? Do you feel enslaved by your need to be affirmed, liked,…
Our culture is addicted to approval. We seek approval from others, we try to receive recognition for what we do and make sure people know when we do good things. Yet,…

I Will Satisfy

27 October 2019
The Samaritan woman meets the Messiah, and finds that through Jesus she is fully satisfied and is transformed. Jesus quenched her spiritual thirsts, and offers the same to all. Through…

Living Water

27 October 2019
Jesus made many promises to His people. He promised to provide for the needy, to fill the empty, to free the anxious, to uplift the weary, to comfort the discouraged,…
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