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The Parables of Purchasing

24 September 2023
What can we learn about the kingdom of heaven from these short sayings of Jesus, and how can that shape and sustain our everyday living?

A Good God In The Real World

24 September 2023
How can we ‘taste & see that the Lord is good’ without closing our eyes to problems and pain that are present in our lives and world?

The Way of Joy

17 September 2023
This Sunday will be one of mixed emotions for us all as we farewell Carol and Paul Cleasby. It will be a day of reminiscing, thanksgiving, celebration, and hoping. There…

Disability: Jesus’ Heart

3 September 2023
In our 6pm service we’re continuing our 3 week Disability series by looking at how Jesus went towards those with disabilities in a revolutionary, transformative way!

One Thing I Ask

3 September 2023
If you could ask the LORD for one thing knowing that your request would be granted, what would it be? That's the question prompted by this Sunday's Psalm, Psalm 27.…
Will begins our three week Disability series by exploring God’s heart and God’s design.

Beyond Confusion

27 August 2023
Orientation; disorientation; re-orientation. Life contains plenty of each of these. So does the book of Psalms. That's why we love them -- because they relate so much to our own…
This Sunday we have the culmination of "Together: a Church Practising the Way". We will be looking at service and relating it to the other foundational aspects of Church life…
At TCBC, we are committed to "transforming lives through Christ-centred community". But what does it look like to be a Christ-centred community? This Sunday, we'll see some helpful insights on…

Reading the Bible

9 July 2023


2 July 2023


18 June 2023

Our Calling

11 June 2023

Acts 25:1-12

4 June 2023

Hearing God’s Voice

21 May 2023

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Thornleigh Community Baptist Church

Safe Church Policies and Procedures


The below Policies and Procedures are available in the Church office to view should you wish. Please contact the office between the hours of 9am to 2pm, Monday to Friday for this.

  1. Safe Church Policy
  2. Procedure for Staff and Volunteers
  3. Procedure for Conflict Resolutions
  4. Procedure for Handling Complaints Against Staff and Volunteers
  5. Code of Conduct for Staff and Volunteers
  6. Baptist Association – Code of Ethics and Conduct
  7. Baptist Association – Policy for Handling Allegations Against Recognised & Accredited Ministers
  8. Baptist Association – Procedure for Handling Allegations Against Recognised & Accredited Ministers.


Forms Used in Relation to these Policies and Procedures


  1.  Safe Church Concerns Form
  2. Safe Ministry Questionnaire (over 18)
  3. Safe Ministry Questionnairre (under 18)
  4. Ministry Registration Form – Children
  5. Ministry Registration Form - Youth

Transforming lives through Christ-centred community

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