A Radical Invitation

13 October 2019
Jesus came to call sinners, not the righteous. Ultimately, it’s an invitation to all of us, to anyone humble enough to recognise their need for Jesus’ love and grace and…

Set Free to Be Sent Out

29 September 2019
As Jesus sets the man with impure spirits free, he also sets us free from the things in our lives which bring about destruction. We are set free by Jesus,…

Generosity and Giving

22 September 2019
Jesus encourages his disciples (us) to consider how we might use our wealth for eternal purposes. Investing our money into people, seeking to see their lives transformed by gospel.

Life under the sun/Son?

15 September 2019
Is the good life measured by how much you experience or how much you own? Will knowledge in life bring you security? The author of Ecclesiastes realised the answer is…